MetaMask, the ogre of cryptocurrencies exceeds 1 million monthly users

MetaMask asserts its power – The MetaMask wallet is a benchmark in the Ethereum ecosystem. Thanks to the recent boom in DeFi, it has seen its user curve take off to the moon . MetaMask even plans to go further by integrating swaps.

1 million users

MetaMask is a cross-platform Ethereum wallet , running on browser and mobile. This allows its users to interact with Bitcoin Superstar, hence its name of Web3 wallet.

In a publication dated October 5, the head of Marketing and Products at ConsenSys , Talia Knowles-Rivas , announced that Metamask had surpassed the million users .

Thus, in the space of a year, MetaMask saw its number of users increase by 400% , starting from 264,000.

As explained in the publication, this increase is mainly due to the boom in decentralized finance . Indeed, Metamask is one of the most popular connection methods on DeFi platforms.

“The growth of MetaMask users occurs through a feedback loop. […] Users arrive to use a site and end up discovering hundreds of other sites, from decentralized finance to games to new communities. “ – Talia Knowles-Rivas

This development can also be explained by the launch of MetaMask Mobile at the beginning of September on iOS and Android.

MetaMask Swap: DEX in one click

As good news never comes alone, MetaMask is preparing a major update. Consensys today announced the launch of MetaMask Swap .

“A feature to compare and exchange tokens directly in MetaMask. “

Initially available on Firefox, it will be deployed soon on other browsers and on mobile.

Under the hood, MetaMask Swap connects to major decentralized trading platforms , such as Uniswap or Airswap , as well as various DEX aggregators that will allow you to trade the new trendy DeFi cryptocurrency .

In its announcement, MetaMask details the different aspects that make MetaMask Swap a solution of choice. This will allow you to obtain the best market rate and the lowest gas costs thanks to its multiple connections.

“Users no longer need to approve every token across multiple aggregators. With MetaMask, users only approve each token once, reducing gas costs and simplifying the approval process. »- MetaMask publication on gas reduction